La Bottega Tusarova


A gourmet bistro in the middle of Holešovice, La Bottega Tusarova produces pasta, baked goods, pastries for the all of Riccardo Lucque’s La Collezione restaurant group. Since 2015, when the bistro on Tusarova street opened its doors, a variety of fresh pastas have been made by hand here every day, and chief baker Olda Lánský and his team have been pulling fresh pastries and the famous Altamura bread from the oven. And here also are the most wonderful, sweetest desserts and cakes made by pastry chef Daniele Combi. At La Bottega Tusarova, you can enjoy genuine Italian cuisine, as well as authentic delicacies – salami, prosciutto, cheeses, pastas, and natural Italian wines. All is available to enjoy in the restaurant, or to bring into the comfort of your own home.


The menu changes with every season and the menu offers appetizers, soups, pasta and risotto, and the main courses with seasonal ingredients. There is also a new lunch menu every week, consisting of two courses. Tusarova's lunch menu offers soup (or daily fresh salad of your choice from our salad bar) and the main dish for 265 Kč.

Menu La Bottega Tusarova

What is new?


Spring combination of ingredients and pleasantly fresh flavors are here. Spring has officially arrived to La Bottega Tusarova. Come and taste the new menu by head chef Honza Snopek and his team. When we talked to Honza about the new courses, it was clear that the new menu was a great pleasure for him.


We just launched a new menu and winter ingredients such as topinambur, nuts, onions and potatoes were reflected in their taste. Come and taste the new dishes to La Bottega Tusarova.


Owner Riccardo Lucque focuses mainly on import of typical Italian products that have not been introduced to the domestic market and organic products from small Italian suppliers.

The fresh pasta is home made and are produced in our shop, while all dry pasta is from Benedetto Cavalieri, who owns a factory for traditional Italian pasta. It is Tusarova where we bake the genuine Italian bread for us and all other businesses in La Collezione. Cheese and olive oils are made by Vittorio Beltrami. Coffee is delivered by Gianni Frasi, a master of Italian coffee.