lunch menu

LUNCH MENU 21. 05. - 25. 05. 2018


Bean soup, Lentil, Orzo, Crutons

Potato ravioli, Pea purée, Mint, Brown butter

Pork cutlet, Buckwheat, Little gem, Quinoa


Cauliflower soup, Chick pea, Chilli, Chive

Potato gnocchi, Chicken ragouth, Asparagus, Chervil

Chicken supreme, Confit baby potatoes, Eggplant, Radishes, Herb crumble


Goat cheese, Beetroot, Sunflower seeds, Feltsalad

Penne all´arabiata, Black olives

Salmon trout, Yellow beetroot purée, Pak choi, Potato spiral


Beetroot cream, Sour cream, Cucumbre

Mezze rigatoni, Salsicia ragouth, Confit sage

Pork loin, Baby potatoes, Pea purée, Spinach


Potato sop, Poached egg, Dill

Prosciutto ravioli, Sugo, Confit tomatoes, Leek hairs

Turkey breast, Rice, Spring vegetace, Crumble

Instead of the soup, you can choose 110 g fresh salad from the counter

The price for 2 courses is 245 Kč.