lunch menu

LUNCH MENU  19. 08 - 23. 08  2019


Onion consommé, monachelle

Risotto parmiggiano, green pea, lemon

Beef neck, carrot puree, courgette, demi-glace


Potato creamy soup, chive oil

Rigattoni, red onion, spinach, mustard

Pork kare, lentil Beluga, carrot, chervil sauce


Vegetable soup with dill

Potato ravioli, beurre monté sauce, leek

Veal hanger, celery puree, red wine sauce


Chicken broth, carrot, pea, parsley

Fusilli, chilli, garlic, tomatoes, basil

Pork loin, potatoe foam, curd


Carrot cream soup, cilantro

Gnocchi, artichokes, olives, tomatoes

Beef flank, grilled vegetable, demi-glace

The price of 2 course lunch menu is 265 Kč.
Instead of the soup you can choose 110 g fresh salad from the counter.