lunch menu

LUNCH MENU 21.08. - 25.08. 2017


Classic minestrone, basil pesto

Potato gnocchi, peas-mint purée, mussels, cherry tomatoes

Turkey wraps, celeriac, groats, jogurt


Bulgur, cherry tomatos, spinach, spring onion, prawns, focaccia

Bucatini, basil pesto, dried tomatoes, lemon crumble

Suckling pork belly, crushed potatoes, pickled mushrooms, chives


Bruschetta with olive tapenade, pine nuts, onion

Lasagna with spinach and salsiccia, parmesan

Salmon trout, cauliflower pureé, romanesco, parsley crumble


Zucchini soup, baked lemon, sage oil

Prosciutto ravioli, fava beans cream, crispy shallot

Chicken supreme, confit baby potatoes, peas parfait, pea pods


Duck and watermelone salad

Caserecce, yucchini, prawns, saffron, basil

Saddle of pork, bullangerie potatoes, oyster mushrooms

Instead of the soup, you can choose 110 g fresh salad from the counter

195 CZK / 2 courses