lunch menu

LUNCH MENU  16. 09. - 20. 09.  2019


Chickpea soup, chorizo, tarragon oil

Mortadella tortelli, sage and butter

Pork belly, cauliflower cream, lentils, apple and popcorn


White onion soup, tomato tartar, pecorino

Rigatoni amatriciana

Veal pasticciata, smoked potato mash, carrot


Slow cooked egg, truffle velouté

Tagliolini, greenpeas, anchovies, tomato

Salmon, roasted broccoli, bernaisse mouse, quinoa


Bruschetta, daterino tomatoes and feta

Agnolotti al plin, burrata and  porcini

Chicken supreme, bread stuffing, tarragon and peas


Watermelone soup, lime and pistacchios

Paccheri, vongole velnuté, lumpfish caviar

Confit chuck roll, topinambur flan, caramelised parsley

The price of 2 course lunch menu is 265 Kč.
Instead of the soup you can choose 110 g fresh salad from the counter.