lunch menu

LUNCH MENU 12. 03. - 16. 03. 2018


Beef stock, Pea, Spring onion, Carrot, Chives

Mezzi rigatoni, Pea purée, Polpette, Red onion

Duck breast, Sweet potatoes, Cucumbre, Brussels sprouts


Beans soup, Salsicia, Sour cream

Potato gnocchi, Vongole, Tomato sauce, Basil

Pork neck, White bean pureé, Spinach, Pumpkin


Pea soup, Poached egg, Mint

Tagliatelle, Kachní ragout, Green celery, Bread crumble

Pork cheeks, Mash potato, Spring vegetable


Corn soup, Chicken, Pea, Chives

Veal ravioli, Carrot & Orange purée, Red cabbage

Salmon, Potato & Tomato mash, Spinach, Dried tomatoes


Potato cream, Potota spiral, Ramson oil

Bucatini alla Amatriciana

Chicken leg, Beluga lentil, Fenel, Cabbage

Instead of the soup, you can choose 110 g fresh salad from the counter

The price for 2 courses is 225 Kč.