lunch menu

LUNCH MENU 23. 07. - 27. 07. 2018


Tomato and water melon soup, mint oil

Turkey breast, potatoes, mushroom sauce, chives

Fusilli, zucchini, cherry tomatoes, mussels


Chickpeas soup, garlic foam

Lamb ragout, marsala, mashed potatoe

Mushroom lasagne, truffle béchamel


Rucola vichyssoise, parsley oil, bread crumble

Pulled pork burger, cucumber, red onion, asiago, leaves salad

Red beetroot risotto, smoked trout, basil mayo


Cold cucumber soup, marinated cucumber, lemon crumble

Grilled trout, vegetable, fish jus

Spinach ravioli, buerre monte, chives oil, quinoa


Soup with seppia, green peas, persil

Tagliolini, rucola pesto, panchetta

Chicken saltimbocca, sage demi-glacé, grenaille

Instead of the soup, you can choose 110 g fresh salad from the counter

The price for 2 courses is 245 Kč.