Wanna be a member of our Italian family? We need deli specialist!

09. January 2017

We will gladly welcome new member to your friendly team, at our bistro and production area, La Bottega Tusarova. We set our mind to someone who is gushing, someone who will advise our customers and guests on the best salamis, hams and cheeses. Lacking some experience or education? It does not matter, we will gladly show, teach and school you in to the world of Italian delicatessen. And what do we expect from you? Just one thing - dedication and motivation to come to work with smile.

Are you keen on about food? Can you name what is the difference between parmesan and pecorino? Or from where does Parma ham come? Then you are the one we are looking for. We would like to find a person who will strengthen our friendly team or how we prefer to call it - our small Italian family. And what is waiting for you? Face to face and daily contact with the customers and guests, the true and best Italian food in Prague and beautiful atmosphere of our design gurmet bistro in trendy Holešovice. More than multiple pages CV we need someone who will come and leave everyday with smile and feeling of well done work.

Does it all sound good to you? Are you interested to try out how it feels to be part of our team? Write something about yourself and send it to manager of La Bottega Tusarova, Andrea, to tusarova@labottega.cz.

P.S. Our staff meals are the best in the whole district :)