In January 2014, La Bottega Gastronomica opened to the public. The gastronomic bistr has one exclusive innovation - a kitchen with a completely new concept, called "rosticceria".

In June, he opened his third shop with the bistro La Bottega Express, which is located in the Oasis passage in Prague. And in September 2014, the portfolio has frown with his fourth bistro, La Bottega Bistroteka on Dlouhá Street. Bistroteka offers the very best of Italian gastronomy.


Riccardo´s career in gastronomy began at the age of 16, working in hotels around Rimini and Pesaro in the Marche region of Italy. In 1990, he began working at the Michelin starred Da Alceo seafood restaurant in Pesaro. Three years later, aged 24, he left for England to work at Zafferano, named the best Italian restaurant in London in 2001 and awarded a Michelin star.

After a three-month sojourn as head chef of Buco in Manhattan (Buco was evaluated by the title the best new Manhattan restaurant during Riccardo´s stay by the Zagat Guide), he returned to England to serve as the executive chef of a chain of five Italian restaurants in the Thames region. He came to Prague in 2002 as head chef of the “Square, a restaurant” on Malostranské náměstí.

In April 2005, Riccardo opened his first restaurant, Aromi, in Vinohrady. Four years later, in 2009, he launched its sister restaurant, La Finestra in Cucina, located near Staroměstské náměstí (Old Town Square) in central Prague. In May 2012 Riccardo opened his third restaurant, Il Mercato, in Brno.

Riccardo also operates two shops and bistro with the best Italian delicatessen. La Bottega di Finestra was opened in 2012 and is located a short walk from La Finestra restaurant.

In 2007, Riccardo opened La Bottega di Aromi around the corner from Aromi on Mánesova Street. Six years later, Riccardo expanded the tiny shop with Italian delicacies into a larger space with a change in its concept.

In February 2015, the companies by Riccardo Lucque enlarged by the new butcher shop La Bottega Macelleria and the bistro with shop and its own production La Bottega Tusarova in Holešovice.


After successful completion of hotel school in Klánovice, Ondřej went to England where he studied Business Administration and also gained experience in various restaurants. During his stay in Britain he often undertook trips to Italy in which he fell in love.

After his return to Bohemia he worked in the restaurant Square on Malostranské náměstí where he first met Riccardo Lucque. In 2005 their cooperation began when Ondřej helped Riccardo open the restaurant, Aromi, in Vinohrady and four years later, already as co-owners, they opened the restaurant La Finestra in Cucina, in central Prague.

In January 2012, they together opened a new concept of bistro and shop near the restaurant La Finestra. In May 2012, Riccardo and Ondřej extended their businesses to Brno, where together with partner Martin Němec, opened an Italian restaurant, Il Mercato, at Zelný Trh. In June 2014, Ondřej opened with Riccardo the third bistro La Bottega Express and in September 2014 they opened the fourth bistro La Bottega Bistroteka in Dlouhá ulice in Prague 1.


She has lived in the world of hotels and restaurants since a very young age, as her family is involved in gastronomy. She graduated from the hotel school in Ondříčkova Street in Prague. After leaving school, she gained experience in prestigious restaurants in Prague, including “U Vladaře”, Bazaar Mediterranee, and also Kampa Group’s “Hergetova cihelna”.

In 2004, she went to work in the USA on a cruise ship for the purpose of improving her English language skill and also gain valuable experience abroad. Of course she was attracted by the possibility of travelling, which is very closely related to cuisine and exploring of new culinary trends. After returning,Andrea worked as operations manager of the Prague restaurant where she focused mainly on planning and catering as well as the organisation of social events, specializing in weddings.

In 2013, she received an offer from Riccardo Lucque to be a member of the team for the shop and bistro La Bottega di Finestra. She accepted this offer with enthusiasm and without hesitation. She knew Riccardo from the her time with Kampa Group. When Riccardo opened a new shop and bistro La Bottega Express in June 2014, he offered Andrea the chance to become the shop manager, which Andrea accepted as her new challenge. From February 2015, Andrea moved to La Bottega Gastronomica as a manager and from November 2015, she became a general manager of La Bottega Tusarova.


Radek Hasman graduated from secondary School of Hotel Services in Ondříčkova Street in Prague. After graduating he began working at the Hotel Ambassador, where he spent two years gaining valuable experience before moving on to some of the best hotels and restaurants in Prague. He has worked at restaurants Flambée, Bellevue, and the Hotel Palace restaurants. In 2002, he was employed as Chef de Partie at Kampa group’s restaurant Square, where he met Riccardo Lucque. Soon thereafter, he was promoted to the position of Sous-Chef. When Riccardo Lucque opened his restaurant Aromi in 2005, Radek became the restaurant’s chef. With his team in Aromi he won seven times in a row the award Michelin Bib Gourmand. Every year he combines work and pleasure by regularly visiting Michelin star restaurants Da Alceo, Il Piastrino, Urbino dei Laghi in Italy and the restaurant Ottolenghi in London. He is currently working as an Executive Chef of both Riccardo´s bistros La Bottega di Finestra and La Bottega Gastronomica, La Bottega Bistroteka and La Bottega Tusarova.